Our professional cleaning specialists will tackle the biggest jobs and leave your home looking absolutely fabulous!  Say goodbye to pesky mildew, dirt and dust, and simply come home to a shiny house.  We provide residential house cleaning services with a health conscious focus  that removes harmful contaminants.  Our  industry experience is second to none.  We guarantee our work, and we will leave your house cleaner, and healthier, than ever before.  We always use environmentally preferred products, state-of-the-art equipment and a proven cleaning process that provides customers (and their four-legged pets) with an affordable line of unmatched home cleaning services.  No job is too big or too small.


Your employees deserve a healthy, clean work environment.  At Pink Maids, we understand this all too well.  Our goal is  to provide our commercial customers with this type of work environment every day.  We relentlessly pursue the highest standards in cleaning with customized programs designed to meet your needs.  This can be daily, nightly, weekend, weekday, or even a one-time office cleaning service just to see firsthand our abilities and the results.   We go above and beyond and we follow up with every customer to ensure complete satisfaction.  We want to turn a one-time cleaning service into a long-term customer.  We are prepared to sell you on how great your office can look.  No office is too big or too small.  We can customize our cleaning services and develop a service contract that will work best for you.

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Bonded and insured

We take your personal belongings seriously.  That's why our team is bonded and insured to provide you with peace of mind. We conduct extensive reference and background checks for every Pink Maid we hire, for an added level of customer security. 

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Reliable & Trained

We provide extensive training to our maids. They have experience with all types of specialty tools, chemicals, equipment, and supplies.  They will not touch your home until we are sure they have the background and experience to do the exceptional tasks our team is known for.  All of our maids follow and share our Certified 50 Point Checklist.

24 Hour Guarantee

 If you’re  not completely satisfied with a service visit, simply notify your local Pink Maids office within 24 hours and, at no extra charge, we will return to ensure that your standards and expectations are met. We’re serious about your satisfaction.  We have a large percentage of regular and repeat customers, and we are proud of that. 

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